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I design and build web applications.


I also have a youtube channel where I share my knowledge


A micro framework that allows the developer to create their own server framework through a plugin architecture.


A website where people can complot realtime strategies for a rts game named Company Of Heroes 2.


Application written for league players. Which tracks your played games and allows you to add notes to the calculated matchup.


Browter is a modular library which allows you to use the same router everywhere. This does require a written adapter though.

About Me

Hey! My name is Donny, and I’ve been studying and doing web development since Jan 2019. I’ve worked as an intern at AISLER as a full-stack developer with a Vue + Ruby on Rails stack.

As of now I am a lead developer at Zzapps and we generally work with technologies like -- React, Nextjs, Blitzjs, Prisma, Firebase, Nestjs and all written in TypeScript ofcourse!

During my off-work hours I work on a lot of smaller projects, that usually lead up to nothing but a bunch of git commits haha. I also have an interest in C# and Go.

My current favorite stack consists of Nextjs with PlanetScale and I’m obsessed with enterprise software architectures. As of now I am slowly getting into DDD, where CA was my starting point.

Besides web development I have a great interest in music. I’ve studied it for a couple years and am regulary practicing guitar. I like to listen to all kinds of genres but blues and soul is my go to.

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